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Howdy! JPDeni's my name and DBMan's my game.

Well, not really. Actually, Carol Hall is my name. JPDeni is a nickname from many moons ago when I was in high school. It stands for Just Plain Denise. ("Denise" is my middle name, but please don't call me that.) But, you can call me JP, Deni or Carol. It's all the same to me. One reason I chose to use my old nickname is because it is "gender neutral" and a lot of folks are still surprised when they find out I'm a woman. I found that I was taken more seriously as a programmer when they thought I was a man. Such is the world.

JPDI thought I might scan in a photo of myself, but I'm not very keen on having pictures taken. I did find this one, though, that expresses the essence of me most of the time I'm online -- hair uncoifed and eyes half asleep. That's Earl Grey tea in the cup -- no milk, no sugar. Snickerdoodles on the side.

I live near Seattle, Washington (USA) with my hubby Jim and two cats, Owen and Doris. Most of my life is spent on the internet, but I do have some other interests. I love movies, especially the classic films of the 30s and 40s and my favorite actors are Bogie and Cagney. I also enjoy reading, although I don't seem to do much of it these days.

My other passion is music. I sorely wish I could really make music, but I wasn't granted that talent. You'll usually find me listening to either 60s folk music or classical guitar, although I enjoy many other types of music as well.

I like to write and I feel I've written a few things that are worth reading, but the muse only visits rarely, so I don't feel I can call myself a writer.

I've had some sort of connection with computers since November 1980, when I first encountered a Sinclair computer (1K memory, could not do decimal math, hooked up to the TV). I have owned a TI99/4A, a Commodore 128, an Amiga and a couple of PCs. The Amiga is by far my favorite, but I finally had to bow to the inevitable and get a PC. I do still work on the Amiga from time to time, though.>

My experience with Perl only started in the summer of 1998, when I stumbled across the DBMan script and decided it was something I could really use.

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